Restaurant Consulting & Analysis Service

FranSource offers a comprehensive restaurant consulting and analysis service that will help refine and systemize all aspects of your food and beverage operation. Our restaurant consulting and analysis service is designed to assist your company in preparing for a corporate or franchise expansion program. The following is an outline of the specific areas of your restaurant that our experienced team can analyze and evaluate to ensure all operational procedures are standardized for consistency, maximum efficiency, and profitability. Our restaurant consulting and analysis service is fully customizable to meet your restaurant’s specific needs. Please contact us to learn more.

1. Kitchen Operations

1.1     Evaluate all kitchen functions
1.2     Analyze ticket-times
1.3     Analyze kitchen productivity
1.4     Analyze order-point to delivery-point
1.5     Analyze carry-out procedures
1.6     Analyze catering procedures
1.7     Evaluate kitchen forms, worksheets & reports
1.8     Analyze kitchen staffing requirements
1.9     Analyze management needs and responsibilities in kitchen
1.10   Evaluate BOH Manager employee interaction
1.11   Evaluate recipes/recipe photos (Recipes Manual)
1.12   Evaluate recipe security
1.13   Evaluate products used in recipes
1.14   Evaluate inventory order process and procedures
1.15   Evaluate receiving process and procedures for inventory
1.16   Evaluate inventory management system, forms & reports
1.17   Evaluate current food & ingredients suppliers and identify potential alternative suppliers
1.18   Evaluate waste tracking procedures
1.19   Evaluate Kitchen Manual

2. Menu

2.1     Evaluate menu layout and design
2.2     Analyze menu items and product mix
2.3     Analyze raw product usage and food costs
2.4     Analyze per-plate food cost
2.5     Analyze menu items that sell with sufficient margin as well as items that do not sell as well or that have insufficient margins
2.6     Analyze menu pricing
2.7     Determine proper mix of menu items to maximize profitability
2.8     Evaluate new menu item development procedures

3. Food Prep and Line Productivity

3.1     Evaluate food prep and line procedures and identify any inefficiencies in the production of food
3.2     Evaluate flow patterns for maximum line and food prep efficiencies
3.3     Analyze Food Prep Manual

4. Back-of-House (BOH)

4.1     Evaluate kitchen area, layout, and traffic flow for maximum efficiencies
4.2     Evaluate systems for speed of service, consistency and growth
4.3     Evaluate dry, cooler and freezer storage

5. Front-of-House (FOH)

5.1     Analyze the FOH Sequence of Service
5.2     Analyze FOH staffing requirements
5.3     Analyze management needs and responsibilities in FOH
5.4     Evaluate FOH procedures from the guest’s perspective
5.5     Evaluate FOH Manager guest and employee interaction
5.6     Evaluate servers and hosts/hostesses interaction with guests
5.7     Analyze side work/running duties
5.8     Analyze table-turn
5.9     Analyze guest experience time (GET)
5.10   Analyze carry-out and delivery protocols and procedures

6. Front-of-House Layout

6.1     Evaluate guest traffic flow
6.2     Analyze seating area for maximum revenue
6.3     Evaluate current dining room layout and design

7. Guest Service

7.1     Evaluate guest feedback program/guest satisfaction
7.2     Evaluate Customer Loyalty Program
7.3     Evaluate Mystery Shopper Program

8. Equipment and Smallwares

8.1     Analyze equipment and smallwares required to produce menu
8.2     Analyze current equipment and smallwares suppliers and identify potential alternative suppliers

9. POS and Above Store Systems

9.1     Evaluate POS and Above Store System
9.2     Evaluate reporting matrices and reports for labor and COGS

10. Human Resources / Staff Training / Inspections

10.1     Evaluate team member duties and responsibilities
10.2     Evaluate staffing requirements
10.3     Evaluate scheduling process
10.4     Evaluate employee training manual(s) and supporting materials
10.5     Evaluate manager training manual
10.6     Evaluate management and employee training program(s)
10.7     Evaluate cross-training program
10.8     Evaluate management/team member relations
10.9     Analyze Manager Inspection Checklists and process
10.10   Confirm food safety certification requirements and compliance

11. Site Evaluation

11.1     Analyze area demographics
11.2     Analyze traffic count and flow, ingress and egress, drive-thru
11.3     Evaluate square footage requirements

12. Brand and Décor

12.1     Evaluate branding and décor
12.2     Evaluate branding and décor costs & suppliers
12.3     Evaluate interior and exterior signage

13. Financial

13.1     Analyze budget and P&L
13.2     Analyze COGS evaluation
13.3     Analyze labor cost
13.4     Analyze occupancy cost

14. Advertising and Marketing

14.1     Analyze customer demographics
14.2     Analyze consumer advertising and marketing
14.3     Analyze social media
14.4     Analyze in-house marketing