Making the decision to franchise your business is one that requires careful evaluation of your entire concept and its ability to successfully duplicate every aspect that makes it successful. If you are just beginning to consider whether you should franchise your business and if franchising your business is an appropriate business expansion method, we would be happy to assist you. Since our founding in 1997, our goal has been to work with successful companies that can excel at franchising so we invest the necessary time (at no cost to you) to assist prospective clients in making one of the most important business decisions of their lives. If you have already made the decision to franchise your business, we look forward to discussing our comprehensive franchise development process and services with you.

Below are the “getting started” steps to engaging with our expert team of franchise development consultants and attorneys. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you!

  • Complete our Free Franchise Consultation Form.

  • Complete our 15 Key Questions Franchise Quiz.

  • Following our receipt of your Franchise Consultation Form and 15 Key Questions Franchise Quiz, we will contact you to schedule an initial conference call or web meeting to learn more about your business, provide additional information regarding your quiz results, discuss any questions you may have, and share additional information about our comprehensive franchise development process and services. If you have any questions when completing the forms, please call us at 844-233-7911, Ext. 1.

  • Following our initial conference call or web meeting, we will schedule a time to share our Franchise Development Presentation with you. The online presentation enables us to take a deep dive into franchising as well as our franchise development process, services, and actual project deliverables. Ultimately, the presentation will assist you in better understanding our franchise development process and the quality and scope of our services.

  • Following the Franchise Development Presentation, if we mutually determine that franchising your business is an appropriate method of expansion, we will prepare a Franchise Report of similar type franchise companies to review with you and your management team.

  • At your option, we will schedule a visit to your business to evaluate your operation and meet with you and your management team for additional discovery. Please contact us for additional details.

Note: If you operate a food and beverage concept, you may also wish to review our comprehensive Restaurant Consulting & Analysis Service. This service is designed to assist your company in preparing for a corporate or franchise expansion program.