Franchise Sales & Support


Developing an effective franchise sales process is critical to the success of your franchise operation. Averaging more than 25 years’ experience in franchising, our franchise sales consultants provide guidance, assistance and support to ensure your franchise sales efforts are successful. The franchise sales consultant services listed below are provided individually or as part of our comprehensive Franchise Essentials Development Program.

Identification of the Ideal Franchisee

We assist you in determining the characteristics of the ideal franchisee for your business. This is an important first step in developing effective franchise advertising, marketing and sales programs.

Franchise Sales Procedures / Franchise Sales Development Manual

We consult with you to establish appropriate franchise sales development processes and procedures. Once established, our expert franchise sales consultants produce a Franchise Sales Development Manual that outlines your entire franchise sales process. The Sales Manual is designed for use by your franchise sales personnel as both a training manual and an ongoing reference guide. It includes the following topics:
  • Franchise Compliance Procedures
  • Franchise Sales Procedures
  • Contacting Candidates (procedures, scripts, Q&As)
  • Qualifying Prospective Franchisees
  • Franchisee Selection Process
  • Hosting Franchise Discovery Days
  • Disclosing Prospective Franchisees
  • Preparing the Franchise Agreement
  • Franchise Opening Requirements and Timeline

Franchise Sales Forms & Marketing Materials

In conjunction with the development of the Franchise Sales Development Manual, we produce various franchise sales forms and marketing materials for use during the franchise sales process, including:
  • Initial Franchise Inquiry Form
  • Preliminary Consideration Form
  • Franchise Disclosure Document Request Form
  • Franchise Application & Financial Information Form
  • Discovery Day Itinerary
  • Prospective Franchisee Interview Form
  • Final Steps to Purchasing a Franchise Outline
  • Key Steps to Opening Your Franchise Outline
  • Franchise Fast Facts Overview
  • Franchise Marketing Brochures

Franchise Contact Management System (CMS)

We advise and assist you in establishing a Contact Management System using one of our preferred Internet providers (i.e.; The CMS simplifies the franchise sales process by using technology to manage the lead-flow process. Our assistance includes:
  • Reviewing features and costs of the preferred CMS providers with the client
  • Developing “action steps” for the franchise sales process to be incorporated into the CMS
  • Setting up the CMS database in conjunction with the CMS provider
  • Establishing appropriate drip-marketing email campaigns
  • Drafting campaign emails and attachments

Franchise Sales Assistance

The FranSource sales team can assist you with the entire franchise sales process, from handling initial inquiries to assisting with Discovery Day visits for franchise candidates. As part of our support, we also conduct 3-way calls with your company’s franchise representative and prospective franchisees. Our franchise sales and marketing consultants have extensive experience in franchising and are well qualified to support our clients’ sales development efforts on an ongoing basis. Sales consulting services are customized based on your specific needs. Please contact us for additional details.